Our commitment to the environment has led us to specialize in the ecological sector. We have thus created a line of original Green Gadgets, made with recyclable and certified ecological materials, to help companies convey their personal message of sustainability: Eco-Postcard®, Eco-Decors®, Eco-Woody® and Eco-Card® .

By choosing one of these ecological items for your company or association, you will make a concrete choice towards the environment, inspiring and educating those who receive them to good habits and respect for the planet.

Each of our Green Gadgets, in fact, contains the seeds to give life to a splendid plant, which will compensate for the CO2 emission given by the production of the gadget itself.

An ethical as well as a sustainable choice. Our ecological gadgets are in fact handcrafted in an artisanal way by the social cooperatives of the Bolognese area. Those who choose them make a gesture of solidarity with those who commit and struggle every day to be reintegrated into our society.

Green gadgets for your eco-sustainable communication

Eco-Postcard®, Eco-Decors®, Eco-Woody® and Eco-Card® can be used as ecological gadgets to promote a company, a product, an event, as a tourist souvenir, or as an ecological gift idea for any occasion.

100% Green:

made of organic materials, recycled or regenerated paper and cardboard, they are FSC certified, and contain seeds and earth inside to sprout new and different seedlings.

100% Sustainable:

The plants that sprout from our products will fully compensate for the CO2 emitted by their production as they grow.

100% Ethical:

Completely hand made in Italy by social cooperatives in the Bologna area.

100% Customizable:

You can choose graphics from our catalogue or create the most appropriate Eco-Postcard for your campaign by sending us yours.

100% Worldwide Patented

Design and method of operation are covered by international patents.

Long term communication:

After transplanting the plants, there is always a part that you can keep together with its eco-sustainable message.

Eco-Postcard® and Eco-Decors® are eco-sustainable promotional items patented all over the world and distributed exclusively by ABC Gadgets and other authorized resellers by ABC Marketing, owner of the patent.

ABC GREEN GADGETS is the Business Unit of ABC Marketing srl which has been producing ecological and eco-sustainable gadgets for 20 years.


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Contact us to know the price list and the delivery time