ABC GREEN GADGETS is the Business Unit of ABC Marketing srl which has been producing for several years ecological and eco-friendly gadgets, including our exclusive postcards with a “living heart”.

Eco-Postcard and Eco-Decors are our worldwide patented cards with a “living heart” that contains a true plant. 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable, completely customizable in graphics and shapes.

Only a few drops of water will be enough to make germinate a little plant inside the card. After some weeks the plant can be moved into a pot and will keep on growing luxuriantly.

Green gadgets for your sustainable communication

Eco-Postcard and Eco-Decors can be used as green gadgets or eco-friendly gifts to promote a company, a product, an idea, a mission; also as a souvenir, a tourist postcard or even as a greeting card for any occasion.

100% Green:

made of recycled cardboard and certified ecological paper, which contains a disk of peat and seeds.

100% Sustainable:

the growing plant will compensate the CO2 emissions caused by the production of the card.

100% Ethical:

completely hand made in Italy by social cooperatives in the Bologna area.

100% Customizable:

You can choose graphics from our catalogue or create the most appropriate Eco-Postcard for your campaign by sending us yours.

100% Worldwide Patented

our green gadgets are patented all over the world.

Long term communication:

after transplanting the plant, you can keep the postcard and its sustainable message.

ABC Green Gadgets are great for communication campaigns, can be gadgets for fairs and events, badges, medals, greeting cards… and much more.

In our catalogue you can find different types for more uses: EducationalFund-raising, WeddingChristmasEasterGreetings, etc.


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