About Us

We have always cared about the environment and, in our own small way, we help companies around the world to convey a message of sustainability in an original and innovative way. To do this, we have created a line of Green Gadgets made of recyclable and certified ecological materials.

By choosing one of our promotional items, the company makes a concrete choice towards the environment: an ecological gadget is highly inspiring and educates those who receive it to good habits and respect for the planet.

Each of our articles, in fact, gives life to a splendid plant to take care of to see it grow luxuriantly.

A message that lasts over time

Our goal is to help companies raise awareness and bring people closer to respect for others and the environment around us. Through our Green Gadgets everyone can learn firsthand, thanks to small gestures and daily habits that last over time, the importance of taking care of nature, as well as the joy of sprouting a real plant.

Each new plant will compensate for the CO2 emission given by the production of the gadget.


A gesture of solidarity with the weakest

To the hectic life and overproduction, we have chosen the natural rhythm of man.

Our Green Gadgets are handcrafted in an artisanal way by the guests of social cooperatives of the Bologna area. Those who choose them make an ethical and supportive choice towards those who commit and struggle every day to be reintegrated into our society.

Eco-Postcard® and Eco-Decors® are patented all over the world and distributed by ABC Gadgets.